How do I make Herbal Tea?


One of the most effective methods of ingesting herbal remedies is in the form of an herbal tea.

Herbal constituents are easily assimilated in the form of a tea., and allow for larger doses to be taken without causing indigestion. Thus you can take a more potent, and therefore more effectual, dosage. Herbs are not refined chemicals. You are not going to take one or two little capsules, and experience much healing effect from them. In some cases an herb is so potent that this is not the case, such as in the case of Cascara bark, and others.

But to heal a bad infection you might want to take a half cup of Echinacea root, and this would amount to a dosage that would probably cause indigestion if ingested in its whole raw form. But it is a simple, and a very powerful remedy to take this much Echinacea in a tea. But try taking 100-200 capsules of Echinacea root, and emptying them into a pan, and you will begin to wonder why you pay 10 times as much to have it capsulated.

There are two main methods of making an herbal tea. The one is called an infusion, the other, a decoction. An infusion is made of the leaves or Arial parts of the herb, and you make it just as you would a cup of black tea....

you boil water and then steep the herb in the water until it reaches drinking temperature. A decoction, on the other hand, is made from the roots, bark, seeds, or fruit of an herb, which, because of their hard or woody constitution must be boiled for 15-25 minutes in order to obtain its constituents in the solution.

If you are going to make a tea made of both, you may boil the roots and then add the leaves to steep when you remove it from heat. One would typically make such a tea in 1-2 quarts of water. If you are making a decoction, then the 2 quarts will boil down to approximately 1 1/2 quarts by the time you are done, and this must be drunk within a 24 hour period, as it will spoil.

You will know if it has spoiled because it will begin to smell. Sometimes you can go a day and a half, the cooler it remains the longer it will keep.

As to how much of the herb to use in brewing your tea, we generally recommend using 1 tsp. Per cup of water. Different herbs have different effects. Some will make you quite sick if you try take a large dose of them, such as Cascara bark, or Pokeroot could be toxic.

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Dan Schumacher